Core/Associates Team



Wade Cooper has specialised in Talent Management Solutions & Project Management for the past 20 years in South Africa, Africa, Middle East and International markets, working with small and large employers both in the public and private sector, aligning employee performance with organisational strategy. With PEOPLE being an organisations biggest asset, Wade prides himself in supplying clients with proven customised People Development Strategies that are Aligned to the New World of Work alongside truly understanding our CLIENTS Job Architecture, including scientific competency-based new ways of attracting, recruiting, selecting new talent and managing performance. Whether local, national or international our holistic online technology platforms take revolutionary steps towards a more effective, digital, Human Resources process eliminating the biggest risk organisations face globally – PEOPLE RISK. Wade has been recognized for his role in Gender Mainstreaming and Women in Development initiatives and was the runner up at the Gender Mainstreaming Business Engage / PricewaterhouseCoopers Awards in August 2015. Since 2011 Wade has followed his passion of Developing Women in Leadership and Future Leader Development Solutions, and is proud to have established an International Network of Associates & Partners with over 90% being Women owned enterprises. In 2014 our sister company Future Leaders opened its doors, providing customised community upliftment programs to NPO’s & Corporate Future Leader Accelerator and Succession Planning opportunities creating tailored Development Journeys with coaching support on Principled Based Leadership ™ closing the GAP between Education & Industry. Proudly Wade and his team of Organisational Development Consultants & Industrial Psychologists align, refine and save time across our clients HR processes and continuously invest our energy on achieving a measurable return on investment.

Ross Mc Kirdy


Ross Mc Kirdy has had a number of years specialising in the Corporate world of Recruitment, with his main focus being on Head Hunting senior positions within the Telco Industry. Ross has vast experience in Data Centre sales and Project Management both with local and International clients where he obtained, managed and grew the biggest client from the United Kingdom. Ross holds a National Diploma in Public Relations and in addition a National Diploma in Human Resources(Cum Laude). For the last 10 years, Ross has been a specialist in Talent Management Solutions and Project Management in South Africa, Africa and the International Market. Ross maintains and manages large Corporate Key Accounts developing and maintaining their Human Capital Systems, Services and most importantly managing and driving Solutions. His core focus is Developing Women in Leadership and Future Leader Development Solutions. People’s development within his position has been a priority for Ross and is proud to have established a Network of Associates both locally and Internationally. Ross has been Internationally accredited as an Analyst in Behaviour and Cognitive Assessments and Coaching. He is the Systems Administration Head of the Company creating tailored Development journeys with coaching support on Principle Based Leadership and Succession planning methodologies. Ross prides himself on world class service excellence and to see the growth and development of individuals and Partners alike.

Arie Kotze

Arie Kotze is a born and bred advisory and implementation small/medium and
large corporate solutioning consultant across a number of disciplines,
industries and change intervention type of projects (BPM, IT, OD, EA, GRC,
Enterprise Resilience), with a keen focus on integrated architecture of the
enterprise capabilities (people, process, systems, data), sustainable
business health and high performance, as well as enterprise resiliency
solutions, over a career period of more than 20 years.

Passion for people: In the last number of years Arie also turned his
attention to human and social development, to give more direct affect to the
passion he has for people. Promoting the use of behavioural and cognitive
assessments as a means to assist people to get to know themselves better, as
a basis for their life journeys. He also focused on societal development
frameworks and models to turn regional/district developments into
viable/sustainable flourishing communities, becoming part and parcel of his
daily activity. In this regard Arie has a strong bond with DevelopME, as a
company with a solid people transformational focus. to become a better me.
so that I can lead myself, lead others, lead change. the future leaders of
society and industry, even at a global level.

Disciplines: Arie developed and implemented various knowledge-based
frameworks, models, methods and outputs to shape and direct client solutions
that improved the performance of customer staff, processes and systems,
including but not limited to Strategy and Planning, Governance, Risk,
Compliance (GRC), Combined Assurance, BPM, Enterprise Architecture & ICT,
Enterprise Resilience, Knowledge Management, Business Continuity, Quality
Management over a period of time stretching 20+ years.

Stakeholder centricity: He interacted with C-level executives on a regular
basis to understand their strategic/business/operational challenges, BPM,
Enterprise Architecture and corporate transformational requirements. Defined
and implemented business process solutions to address various complex
business issues and engaged across a broad base of senior and operational
executives to obtain buy-in and support for implementation from all

Industries: Arie consulted across a number of industries such as banking
(First National Bank, Discovery Bank, SARB), utilities (Eskom), safety and
security (South African Police Service), public sector (Dept of Public
Administration), IT industry (State Information Technology Agency (SITA)),
petrochemical (Sasol) over a period of more than 20+ years, and more
recently at the DoD, CSIR (Infrastructure/ Construction – CIDB and IDMS),
Discovery Bank (18 months), and recently SA Reserve Bank and Airports
Company South Africa (project manager, lead BPM and integration advisory of
a ~R10m BPM project).

Standards: He is well-versed in a number of industry standards and
frameworks, such as various ISO’s, OCEG, COBIT, ITIL, TOGAF, Kaplan and
Norton, and best practices, eg ADKAR, enabling him to be a trusted advisor
in the C-level suite.

Peta Horn

Learning and Development Design and Technology expert and professional consultant. registered constituent Assessor and Moderator for a wide range of sectors and is an HR Business Partnering consultant and a certified Personality Compass consultant and ETD Practitioner. Designing and implementing management training workshops, skills development facilitation process design, implementation policies & facilitation. Performance management systems and training; Strategic Skills Development Facilitation, Competency Management tools and processes; strategic HR Development, including: HR Business Partners; Recognition of Prior Learning, Administering & implementing Learnerships, Alignment of Training Material to Unit Standards, Writing and registering unit standards and the accreditation of providers and learning programmes.

Patricia Anderson

As a self professed lover of people and interacting with the intention of empowering others, Pat is a Toastmaster of over 20 years(Gold certification) and a Public Speaking Coach and Presentation Skills Trainer with over 10 000 hours experience. 

Pat works both with individuals as well as teams, sales forces, ambitious executives climbing the corporate ladder as well as small business owners needing to communicate effectively and network productively. Pat’ s career spans over 3 decades of interacting in the business of sales/ sales management……leader of sales teams in the markets of FMCG, Direct sales, and pharmacy. 

It seemed a natural flow to branch out into coaching, both as a life coach and as an executive/exponential coach which Pat thoroughly enjoys. The golden thread running through all her passionate activity is the empowerment of others in assisting them to know themselves better and focus toward the gradual achievement and realization of their own purpose. 

Learning resides at the top of her list of well defined values, and this has been an ongoing focus through much international travel, as an NLP practitioner, international speaker, mentor of youth and multi faceted coach. 

Today, more than ever, the need to communicate effectively, both with ourselves as WELL as with others in all walks of life is an absolute imperative. Ongoing education is the very foundation of this process, and knowing and expanding ‘self’ (empowering within, and then expanding outwards) is the very essence and pathway to ‘know thyself’. Pat believes that the most effective way to learn new habits and skills is to be removed from an established comfort zone and become more AWARE of our own behaviour. However, awareness and transformation are two completely different things. Transformation is a process and takes TIME……..My experience with MyPDACoach has proven to be a very effective process and is an interesting and exponential journey. This is the zone where magic happens. 

Blessed with phenomenal levels of energy, Pat thrives on pushing her own limits and experiencing ‘beyond the comfort zone’. She has summitted Mount Kilimanjaro, swum with sharks, free fallen several times out of aircraft, is a firewalking coach and cycles on a daily basis to maintain her peak health and physical strength.

International Territories

Canada – Claudina Whisken

Claudina Whisken is the Managing Director, majority shareholder and co-owns Elemental Concepts Limited.  Claudina has over 20 years of experience, specializing in work-based Psychometric Assessments, Virtual Competency-Based Simulations, talent management consulting, administering and applying assessments to support various talent management and organization development strategies as well as developing and facilitating workshops.  

Claudina has successfully worked with clients in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA to provide guidance and support in Talent Acquisition & Organization Development with a focus on strategy, organizational change and business transformation. Helping companies derive maximum value from their people through innovative business-oriented approaches to the human capital elements including workforce planning support, talent acquisition, retention, performance and talent management, change management, leadership and team development, succession planning, organization effectiveness, employee engagement.

She is an expert in her field and is a certified assessment analyst and trainer in DISC, cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, 360’s, personality, values, skills tests as well as competency-based simulation exercises.

India & South Africa – Sanjay Chotkan

Sanjay is a South African entrepreneur who hails from a Brand Management and Marketing background and has business interests in a very diverse field. Best known as a Recreational Water Expert, Sanjay made his mark in the Pool & Spa Industry and launched a flagship international brand in South Africa which went on to become the leading brand in the Pool Professional sector for many years. Sanjay was instrumental in providing sales, marketing and technical training to swimming pool and spa professionals in SA and other major international swimming pool markets.


Since 2007, Sanjay has been an avid entrepreneur with diverse portfolio ranging from swimming pool chemical manufacturing and marketing, importation, distribution and marketing of alcohol products and in the HR Sector operating in South Africa and India . Sanjay is a certified practitioner of the NBI (Neethling Brain Instruments) and introduced the NBI Assessments and Training into India in 2007 with Dr Kobus Neethling and continues to distribute the NBI Assessments and Training Programs via his distribution network across India. He is also a certified PDA Analyst.

India – Manu Mital

Starting his career as sales executive in 1989 in a leading media house of India, he rose to the level of National Head- Sales in 2002 in one of the telecom company. In 2004, Manu, left his cushy job to venture out on his own into HR and Manpower consulting, 

In 2012 while trying to identify a school for his son, Manu realised the dearth of information and options regarding educational institutions on the internet. EDULUK was born as a result of this realization. Today EDULUK has over 1.6 million Schools and Over 47K Higher Education listing in India and the list is growing. With this venture, Manu plans to create a bridge among Between students and Institutions for career guidance and admissions. This will also help to market institution aboard.

Recently, EDULUK has launched its learning platform for Live Video tutoring and courses for extra curricular activities

Manu, has working tirelessly over the year to improve the quality and quantity of education data in the Country and has been giving suggestion thru various inputs to MHRD and other organization. He has been invited to speak at an International Education Convention organized by Microsoft in Dubai in 2015 and has been a regular invitee at Education Seminars in India. He is also an angel investor cum mentor and is association with few angel platform in India.

Manu is a certified practitioner from Neethling Brain Instruments of South Africa to conduct brain profiling of Students, and Adults , conduct counselling and training. He is also a certified behavioral analyst cum coach from PDA International USA.

A Graduate in Science (B.Sc.) and Masters in Management (MBA) from University of Allahabad ( Oxford of the East ), he comes from a family of educators and is married with two kids.

United Kingdom – Ron Knox

I am an experienced Coach that has operated highly successfully across companies of all sizes and sectors, but in particular with SMEs wishing to grow rapidly or scale. I have worked with numerous SMEs in private, public and third sectors and helped them achieve tangible results. These results are achieved by working with people, giving them self-awareness, guidance, and confidence. I am warm, friendly, approachable and amiable and get on with all my clients.

All companies are looking for even greater levels of success for their business. The answer to this is very straightforward – you create an environment that encourages people to perform to their best. Your people are your most valuable and often most expensive asset. They have the greatest influence on whether your company reaches its full potential or not, much more so than systems, technology, or marketing. Giving your people a positive mind-set, a can-do attitude, embracing change and a desire to succeed is the most valuable asset they can have. Getting rid of defensiveness, over-compliance, and a toxic atmosphere is essential, and it all starts from the most senior key people to set the tone and lead from the front.



Experienced in the leadership development field. He is well-known for his articles in the leadership field and is a column writer for the CEO magazine. He published two leadership books, The Leadership Challenge In Africa (foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu), and Leadership Thoughts. He is furthermore chosen by Motivational Press as one of their community of leading experts, thought leaders, and industry authorities. His articles are published in several leadership, management and human resources publications such as CEO, PMR, HR Future, and BusinessBrief. Gerhard received the 2015 Titans Building Nations Country winner in Education and Training (Private Sector) award. In 2017 he received the Top 100 Global Coach award at the World HRD Congress as well as Acquisition International’s Best in Executive coaching SA award.


Wendy Spinks, a creative intuitive born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1973, is also a multi award-winning creator, writer, director and creative producer. A certified Art Life Coach, Flow Coach, Personal Development Analyst & Coach and trained Demartini Facilitator currently living in Cape Town with a devotion to human potential, education and the expansion of consciousness.

Wendy co-founded Zeropoint Studios in 2010, acting in her role as a development exec /creative producer, writer and content & media strategist, for the TV, digital, and animation film industry. A true polymath, with a background in human behaviour, education, advertising, fine arts and fashion, Wendy creates and develops educational and edutainment content for global consumption aimed at multi-platforms including online, linear and nonlinear broadcast, VR, digital, apps and social media.

Colleen Qvist

Colleen has more than 30 years’ experience of working in and with organisations and
focusing on growing people and in turn organisations.. She creates a space for
people to be vulnerable and and to feel non-judged as they come to terms with
change, connection, managing their stress, achieving BIG goals and finding the
meaning in their lives.
Colleen is Director of CQ Associates PTY (Ltd) which includes CQ Consulting, The Pink
Diamond Club, Discussing Parenting and most recently 44.
Colleen serves on various Boards and Committees in a coaching, mentoring,
healthcare, sales and environment space.

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